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Garrett Tyler Parker


Pollinate, a full-service market research agency, offers qualitative, quantitative, facilitation and co-creation services. As a strategic research consultancy we don’t just ask what is, we explore what could be: what worked yesterday needs to be re-thought today.

Independent since 2003, Pollinate Canberra is managed by Garrett Tyler Parker, a Canberra local. Pollinate also have offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Pollinate help Australia’s leading organisations grow, adapt and succeed. With experience across commercial, federal and local government and not for profit clients, we ensure client decision-making is evidence based, and they are heading in the right direction.

We look at the world through a systems lens. Why? Because the world is complex and everything sits within a context. Sound complicated? It is. But when we find the conflict in the complexity, things get interesting and transformative change can happen. That’s where we help your organisation create the difference.

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