About Keep Co Workspace Canberra

Our Story

Established in 2018, Keep Co’s mission is to set a new benchmark for community-first coworking in Canberra.​ We love all things local and exist to support small businesses, freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs to do great work.

With a passion for people, community and wild creative ideas, our small but mighty team keep the fires burning at Keep Co HQ and make sure our workspace is working hard to meet the needs of our members and the community.

We love supporting local creatives and businesses to thrive in Canberra.

Our People


Lilli Cav

King Charles Cav

Supreme ruler of Keep Co and resident pats + snacks collector, fed and loved by Korske.


Wolfhound Cross

Lovable yet often grumpy old man, occasional puppy playmate, rescue pup of Anna + Finn.

Let’s hang out!

We love meeting new people. If you’re keen to come and meet our friendly team, book in for a tour and let’s chat about how we can help you do great work in a great workplace.

Our Journey

Founded in 2018, we’ve crossed a fair few things off our bucket list over the last few years here at Keep Co. Scroll down to learn about where we began, what we did along the way and how things turned out.

Our founders joined forces

Both on a mission to create a community-centric and creatively inspiring coworking space at the same time and in the same place, Keep Co co-founders Anna and Korske were introduced by mutual friends.

Jul 2018

The first members

Our 12 original founding members gathered at the pub to chat all things coworking - what they needed, what they wanted, what they were missing and how we could make it happen.

SEP 2018

NewActon Pop-Up

Funded by the City Grants Program, Keep Co trialled its first ever coworking space in the vibrant NewActon precinct with 8 desks, 4 weeks of workshops, a temporary kitchen and a pop-up shop of local goodies.

Oct 2018

Dairy Road begins

We opened the doors to our first Dairy Road workspace - a converted 280sqm blank canvas warehouse with towering white walls, beautiful natural light and loads of potential. 22 desks, vintage furniture, a very small kitchenette, and loads of plants.

Nov 2018

Planning for Stage 2

Needing more room to grow, we began planning our expansion in to a new warehouse conversion in Building 3.3 Dairy Road with the support and guidance of Molonglo and the award-winning design expertise of Craig Tan Architects.

Feb 2019

Partnership with Ninetwofive Interiors

We joined forces with the amazing team at Ninetwofive Interiors to create a unique hybrid showroom and workspace arrangement – their furniture on display and in use within our coworking space.

Jan 2020

COVID-19 begins

The world is forced in to lockdown as we battle an unprecedented global crisis. Amidst the chaos of cancelled projects and lost work, our community rallies together for digital coworking, catchups on Zoom and client referrals.

Mar 2020

Construction begins

Against all odds, we carry on with our plans for Keep Co 2.0. Framework is going up and facilities are being laid across our new 650sqm workspace in Building 3.3 Dairy Road.

Oct 2020

Keep Co 2.0 opens

Better late than never! We finally open the doors to our dream workspace: 42 desks, 8 offices, 5 meeting spaces sitting amongst 650sqm of beautifully and carefully designed coworking space with some incredible neighbours to boot.

Apr 2021

COVID-19 lockdown

Round two of COVID-19 disruptions hits us locally in Canberra with a 2-month lockdown, closing our doors for an extended period of time and limiting our operations until further restrictions lifted and case numbers dropped.

Aug 2021

Return to work

Restrictions lift and case numbers drop locally, and we begin a slow and steady return to the office with capacity restrictions and strict health and safety measures in place. We're back to business as usual by January 2022.

Nov 2021

Community-first coworking in Canberra

Leading a connected and inspiring community of 120+ small businesses, freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs to do great work.


Our Mission

At Keep Co, our purpose is to form a purposeful, creative community that inspires positive social impact and supports new and exciting ideas.

We believe in creating a sense of belonging. Connections, not transactions, make for lasting and impactful relationships in work and play – and they lay the foundations for a purposeful community (and world!) that gets stuff done.

Our Values

Keep Co is undeniably for-purpose and proud. Our four core values help us stay motivated, inspired and accountable as our community grows and we adapt and respond to the way we work and live.


Igniting positive social change in our community.

We are change makers that are here to make an impact and inspire others to thrive in their passions.


Taking action to look after our environment and our people.

We make choices to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


Standing for and with our community to do great things.

We believe in building genuine relationships that support, encourage and foster a sense of belonging.


Encouraging open sharing of ideas and knowledge.

We value individuals sharing their skills without reservation to create better solutions and stronger communities.