Keeping our community safe


Keep Co is currently open without restrictions as per ACT Government’s public health response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Keeping us COVID Safe

Keep Co is currently open without restrictions, current 26 February 2022.
We’re open for tours, existing and new memberships, and external hire bookings during and after business hours.
Our priority at Keep Co has always been our community and our people – creating a safe work environment amidst a global pandemic has strengthened our existing policies and approach to how we work. We are staying up to date with information and advice from ACT Health and following Australian Government regulations to help us stay safe and protect our community.

Member receive regular updates via email or our Keep Co app with any changes to restrictions that might affect our community or our workplace. We encourage all our members, visitors and friends in the wider community to read our COVID-19 policies below to learn more about what we’re doing here at Keep Co to prioritise safety in the workplace.


Arriving at Keep Co

  • Hotdesk users must book their desk in advance using the Keep Co app/portal.

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided before entering.

  • Register your visit using the Check In CBR App  –  currently optional but encouraged for all members, visitors, guests and contractors.

  • Masks are not required but members, visitors and guests are all welcome and encouraged to continue to wear a mask indoors if you prefer or you are unable to remain 1.5m away from others.

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Sanitise your workstation and any communal areas after use including meeting rooms, booths, kitchen and dining areas.

  • Use the hand sanitiser supplied when entering/exiting the space and before using communal areas.

  • Our workplace is currently cleaned and high-frequency touch points are sanitised once per week.

  • Wash hands regularly with soap for 20 seconds.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth and please cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.


  • If you’re unwell with respiratory symptoms or fever: please don’t come to Keep Co. Get tested, stay home and follow advice from ACT Health on next steps.

  • If you’re a close contact you must comply with the public health instructions provided by ACT Health which might include staying at home in isolation, getting a COVID-19 test etc.

Capacity and physical distancing

  • There are currently no capacity restrictions in place at Keep Co – but please remain 1.5m apart where possible. Physical distancing helps slow the spread of the virus.

Signage and communication

  • Members receive regular reminders of updates to restrictions via email and the Keep Co app.

  • Please contact us via email immediately if you have been at Keep Co whilst infections as a positive case. We’ll follow the guidance provided by ACT Health in the Workplace Exposure Assessment Tool.

  • Keep in mind that the infectious period is 48 hours before symptoms start (or if asymptomatic, 48 hours before the test was taken).

  • If you’ve tested positive whilst at Keep Co, we’ll help you to identify close workplace contacts using our security footage and check-in data whilst protecting your privacy.

  • All members will be alerted to the times and areas that the member was at Keep Co via email as soon as we have the information available, and we’ll advise everyone on the next steps immediately.

Go gently

  • Prioritise your mental and physical health – your immune system needs all the good food, exercise, sleep and downtime you can get to ensure it’s fit and healthy to fight off any potential infection.

  • Take the time to do the things you enjoy – have plenty of breaks from your screens and the media where you can.

  • It’s ok to not be ok and it’s absolutely acceptable to seek help. Reach out to give and receive support within your own networks, to us here at Keep Co or to some of these fantastic counselling services; Beyond Blue, Lifeline, Headspace; all of which have online or phone support that can help if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.